The forum provides a more “intimate” platform with only Utilities and IPP CEOs from Central Africa joining the discussion table.  Similar topics to the Pan African forum will be addressed but at a regional scale and will include regional challenges or cross-border trade. The forum is also the perfect opportunity to strengthen regional cooperation between utilities.


  • Regional integration could save 33b of CFA per annum

  • Attracting private investment and delivering structural reforms is a priority on countries’ agenda because of high fiscal deficits  and the newly IMF-supported economic programmes being implemented.

  • Highest hydro potential in Africa – 60% of the continent resources

  • Large mining sector (DRC, CAR, Gabon) highly dependent on electricity

  • There is still precarious access to electricity beside a huge potential: 12,5kw per person # 17,3Kw per person in continent

  • The region has the highest hydro potential in Africa (already the main source of power generation in the majority of countries).

  • Oil production (and export) is a major part of Chad, Gabon and Cameroon GDP. Gabon also has reserves of natural gas.

  • The region has a very large mining sector (DRC, CAR,Gabon) which is highly dependent on electricity but most often use their own generators at a very high cost due to the non-reliability of the electricity distribution.

  • All countries in the region have vast solar potential but not many solar projects (at least at a big scale) have been developed. 

  • Cameroon’s energy mix is 73% hydro, 26% thermal and 1% biomass. The growth of the hydro sector has been constant between 2002 and 2012 due to the high price of fuels.

  • Chad’s energy mix is 80% hydrocarbons and 20% based on planned solar projects. 90% of households rely on wood as a primary source of energy.