Central Africa

Congratulations to ENEO Cameroon for successfully hosting the 2nd Edition of the Utility CEO Forum. The next edition will take place from 3-4 July 2019 in Douala, Cameroon.  

CEO Forum Central Africa’s objectives:

  • Develop solutions to the strategic and daily challenges faced by utility CEOs in Central Africa
  • Share best practices and introduce new strategies
  • Fuel regional collaboration between utility and IPP CEOs in Central  Africa
  • Facilitate personal leadership development for Central African Utility CEOs

Attending CEOs:

•    Joel Nana Kontchou, CEO, ENEO, Cameroon
•    Victor Mbemi, CEO, SONATREL, Cameroon
•    Representing the CEO of SNE, Congo Brazzaville: George Adzama, CEO Advisor
•    Thierry Patient BENDIMA, CEO, ENERCA, Central African Republic
•    Jean-Pierre KEDI, CEO, ARSEL, Cameroon
•    Representing the CEO of Kribi Power, Cameroon: Albert Matha, CEO Advisor