Central Africa

Central Africa

CEO Forum Central Africa will take place, 3-4 July 2018 at Star Land Hotel in Douala, Cameroon.  Hosted by Eneo, power utility and IPP CEOs and discuss strategies for financial viability, adaption of new regulations, renewables on to the grid and loss reductions.  The Forum is conducted in French.

COE Forum Central Africa’s objectives:

  1. Develop solutions to the strategic and daily challenges faced by Utility CEOs in Central Africa
  2. Share best practices and introduce new strategies
  3. Fuel regional collaboration between Utility and IPP CEOs in Central  Africa
  4. Facilitate personal leadership development for Central African Utility CEOs

    CEOs in attendance:

      • Joel Nana Kontchou, CEO, ENEO, Cameroon
      • Victor Mbemi, CEO, SONATREL, Cameroon
      • Representing the CEO of SNE, Congo Brazzaville: George Adzama, CEO Advisor
      • Thierry Patient BENDIMA, CEO, ENERCA, Centrafrique
      • Jean-Pierre KEDI, CEO, ARSEL, Cameroon
      • Representing the CEO of Kribi Power, Cameroon: Albert Matha, CEO Advisor